Friday, 31 July 2015

Environmental Writing

Here is some of the exceptional writing that has come out of Room 3 lately...

The caramel chocolate mix acorn hides inside it’s shell. The acorn peers, waiting for a crack in his armour to break free. The outer layer is as protected as a turtle shell.  The oval nut sleeps as the days go by without a care in the world. The core of the nut is untouched. He longs to go back to where he originated from. Groaning as his hard hat has fallen off. It falls to the ground like a stone. The acorn glistens in the light.

By Ben

Tired and lonely I lay with regret as the rain slowly pours down on me. Patiently I wait for the air to drift me away like wind blowing down carefully across the sea.
All I can see is long wet grass standing tall and proud as I lay there, tired and wounded.
All I can hear is water slowly dripping off me like an athlete's sweat of the side of his head.
Fatal and destroyed  I float as the sun slowly shines down on me.

Che O’Grady

I observe the solid jagged rock as it glistens in the sunlight. It looks like it’s freshly polished. I glare at the different layers in on the rock. Rock then greenstone then shimmering crystals it is as hard as a brick. I slide my hand across the rough surface. My hand goes across so easy like a water slide.

By Kalim

Jarden.JPGThe exposed  tiny oval shape is smooth and shiny.  It's caramely broken shell is just like a guardian piece of coated chocolate. Its uncovered torn crack is rough like stepping off a pile of stones. Its shell is as shiny as a piece of gold.  I wonder what he is going to do when his faithful guardian is defeated.  The touch of its lumpy luxurious skin is as delicate as a new born baby.

By Jarden

The Leaf Warrior
Old and withering, the brave soldier gets ready for battle.  Suddenly, clouds cram the sky and unleash powerful blasts of wind. The helpless leaf stares, as warriors flutter to the ground and its army falls to bits. The wind howls, slicing innocent leaves off their branches. Constantly, leaves give up and are sent to the sea of leaves  below. The experienced soldier begins to weaken but refuses to let go. Slowly, the out stretched arms of the trees reliable branches start to loosen and its grasp grows weaker. The vicious wind growls persistently. Finally, the vulnerable leaf forfeits and floats to its grave as swiftly as a fatigued feather.
C - C - C - R - RACK!  A final clap of jagged lightning, violent thunder and screaming wind scares the last warriors to their doom.  Then, without warning, the friendly sun squints through the grey clouds and a positive blue explodes in the sky. Happiness shines down on the delicate and disintegrating leaves. Fortunately, the war is over. Jack Frost sprinkles a white blanket of ice as sparkly as diamonds-Winter has begun.

By MekaylA

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