Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Procedural Writing

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Procedural (Instructional) Writing. We started off by creating our Camp Dinner Recipes (Year 7's) and writing recipes that we are comfortable making (Year 6's). From this we realised that when you write recipes you need to make sure that you, firstly need to include the recipes, secondly be very specific with amounts and describing what you want to do with the method.

We then went on to creating instructions for our partner to successfully navigate an obstacle course blindfolded, and to create a creation of our own imagination. The level of success varied but it was a lot of fun and we all saw how important it was to include every detail, and make sure that all the instructions were sequenced carefully.

Finally we have finished up by writing our own Procedural Writing piece about a skill we are good at. We have attached a video clip of us talking through this skill to go with our written piece. You will be able to read our pieces and watch our clips from the end of this week in the School Office on our Foyer Display.

For now however check out a couple of our procedural writing pieces.

PancakesImage result for pancakes
Today you will be making pancakes for a meal you will want more of.
¼ cup of sugar.                  1 pan
¾ cup of milk.                    Some oil
1 cup of flour

First you will get your bowl and crack the egg into the bowl. Then get your sugar out and get ¼ cup and full it with sugar. Then pour the sugar in the bowl. Then get the ¾ cup of milk and tip it in the bowl. Then give it a mix till it is thick. Then add the 1 cup of flour mix till thick.

Rendered Image

Today we are going to make a little paper cup.

Paper any size

1.Get your peace of paper and fold the top right corner and bring it down so both sides meet there should be a little bit of paper at the bottom to cut..Cut the spare bit of paper off the bottom.
3.Keep the paper folded like a triangle and  fold the two bottom corners so they are over each other.
4. Fold both of the pointy bits at the top down to the end of the corner and on the other side fold the point down in line with the other.
5. Put your finger in the middle of the top point and lightly squeeze the sides to make it wider in side.

And there you have it a quick and easy cup.  
P.S. It does not stand by itself.  

Moto skills

So you wanna feel the thrill? Well let’s get started, today I’ll be showing you how to ride a motorbike.

Covered shoes

Position yourself on the motorbike and push it onto the grass.
Turn your choke on (you will find this in the engine) and pull the kickstart out.
Place your right foot on the kickstart and give it a big push.
Leave the choke running for about thirty seconds.
Remember keep revving it every five seconds.
Now at this point turn the choke off.
Hold the clutch in and put your left heel onto the left peg,
and flick the gear shifter with your toes all the way down.
Twist the throttle and release the clutch out.
So it’s like an opposite effect,and lean forward.

Remember this is one of the hardest things to do for a beginner, so keep trying to master the clutch and throttle. Remember to be careful.

How to ride a dirt bike

By the end of the day you should know how to ride a dirt bike.

You are going to need a dirt bike and a open space to ride the dirt bike.

1.First we will learn how to use the clutch. So the first thing you are going to do is pull the clutch in and put it into gear (you will find the clutch on the handlebars). Then give it some gas (twist the handlebar to rev the bike) and slowly let the clutch out, when it starts to die give it more gas then let it out fully.
2. Now you are moving let's get onto the gear shifts. First pull the clutch in and take off the gas and pull the gear changer up with your foot. Then let the clutch out and give it the gas.

3. Now we are going to get good with balance on the bike. First stand up and get the feel of the bike. Lean the opposite to the object that the bike is going to hit, for example a rock.

Now you have the basics and the skills for how to ride a dirt bike. Enjoy practising.

By Jayden

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