Thursday, 26 October 2017

Year 7 Writing

While the Year 6 members of our class have been away having a great time on camp the Year 7's have been busy back at school.

They were lucky enough to have Mr Byers on Tuesday to take them for some writing. This lead to a quick writing session focussing on Metaphors with Mrs Knyvett on Thursday.

Check out some of the fantastic metaphor writing.

The lightning is an illusion appearing from the unknown abyss. Magic, it is scaring people with it’s presence alone. Flames emerge from the strike points causing the dirt to erupt in sparks and fire. Sending electric currents through towns and towns alike, power disappears. After all the havoc and all the distress it disappears into the abyss once more.Image result for lightning in town images
By Thomas
The lightning is strands of Neurons pulsing inside the brain.
The lightning is red fireworks bursting in the night sky.
Yellow vanes creep up the starry sky unleashing havoc of immense force .

Image result for lightning
By Jacob

The lightning is an abominable Villain striking the Earth.
Image result for lightning
By Liam

The lightning was a light bulb flickering in the night. Colours in the sky were paint dripping from a canvas. Brightly lit. Dark mist fills the air. The lightning was a bullet shooting through the dark aroma, as all lights go out….
Image result for lightning

The lightning is a meteor hitting earth.

The lighting is the stars twinkling in the night sky.

Lightning is a unknown magic unleashed to create chaos to the city.

The evil magical power of the underworld emerges to get its revenge.

The untreated devil emerges out of the haunted acilime to haunt the night spreading powerful cursis over the night sky.
By Scott

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  1. Room 3 these are amazing!!!! Such great writers, they were a pleasure to read!!


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