Monday, 6 November 2017


This term each student in Room 3 has selected a novel to read as part of a Group Novel Study. Everyone was given the choice of Saving Sam, Hatchet, Holes, The White Giraffe, Wonder and The Twits. 

Everyday students log in to their Group Tasks Page where there are set pages to read, and independent tasks and group activities to complete. 

It has been great to see the engagement and enthusiasm that all students are showing for their novels. There are a number of fantastic group booklets being created, and individual creations to demonstrate their knowledge of the texts. We would love to show you them, so if you have a chance pop by the classroom and check them out. 

For now try your knowledge of some of our novels with our crossword and word find puzzle creations:

And we will leave you with a giraffe joke from Joesph:

Why are giraffes so slow to apologise?

 It takes them awhile to swallow their pride!

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